Invisi Gard: The Brand You Can Trust with the Safety of Your Family

Dee Glass is proud to use Invisi Gard products in all of its security doors and screens. Invisi Gard is Australia’s premier stainless steel home security brand from ALSPEC, the aluminum systems specialists. The brand is proud to launch their national “Bred Tough” campaign, featuring a new brand ambassador, three time boxing World Champion, Danny Green.

invisi-314-199As the public face of the brand, Danny will front PR and campaign events such as the “Kids Can’t Fly” Children’s Safety Initiative. Both Danny and the brand are dedicated to creating safety awareness and injury prevention with this and similar campaigns. Together, we hope to eliminate unnecessary tragedy with window safety education and equipment.

INVISI-GARD and Danny Green embody resilience, tenacity, persistence and are “BRED TOUGH”.

The Invisi Gard Guarantee

We chose Danny Green as our spokesperson because both Invisi Gard and Danny Green embody resilience, tenacity, and persistence and are “BRED TOUGH.” All of our products are designed to protect your family and decrease the risk of injury. With Invisi Gard protecting your family, you can rest easy knowing that they are safe. All of our products are equipped with this technology and are guaranteed to keep your children safe from any harm.