Peter – Valley Kitchen & Joinery Pty Ltd

Valley Kitchens & Joinery has been serving the Hunter Valley for 32 years. We are one of the largest Kitchen Manufacturers in the area, and we place customer satisfaction high on our list of priorities. We use Dee Glass for glass shelving & glass doors in our kitchens. We also use them for Stain Glass windows. Dee Glass as been around for nearly 26 years, and we have been using them for the majority of this time. Our relationship with them goes a back many years. Valley Kitchens have stuck with Dee Glass because they are friendly and easy to deal with, and they turn up with the glass on time every time. Even when we need something done urgently for one of our customers, they always manage to turn up with what we need when we need it. We find it easy trust Dee Glass to always be competitive and reliable. If you are looking for a reliable, easy to deal with, local business in the Hunter, you can save some time and call Dee Glass.