How to Know if you Need Your Windows Replaced

At Dee Glass, we’ve got 25 years of experience helping customers repair and replace troublesome glass windows. Our 24/7 window replacement and Emergency Glass Repair services have shown us thousands of window replacement problems, so now we know when to choose DIY repairs and save money, and when to replace the windows to ensure no structural damage.

Before you start planning anything, here are the 3 main warning signs to look for when it comes to window repairs or replacement:

WARNING SIGN #1: They don’t open/close

If your windows aren’t opening or closing properly this is a clear sign there is something wrong with them. Whether that means you need your windows replaced or repaired depends upon the severity of the damage and whether you have jammed sashes from wood rot and decay.

Sash windows have moveable wooden frames (called sashes) that hold the glass together. Built to balance, they slide past each other to open or close. When these windows suddenly slam shut, or you struggle to open and close them you should look to get an expert out or get ready for some DIY repairs. Sometimes, you may be able to sand the wood back to clear the obstruction between window frames, however in most cases the jamming of sashes is due to wood rot or decay. In this case, you will need to call in an expert.

When looking for decay on wooden windows, touch the frame – Is it soft? Soft wood is usually an indicator that water has penetrated the frame and that moisture damage may begin to occur. This is much more serious than simply opening/closing the windows, as moisture damage can cause more serious structural issues later down the line.

More extreme cases of wood rot can cause the entire frame to warp, distort, and sometimes this can cause “leaky window” where the window will leak water from within the glass onto the floor. Home window replacement is recommended for any wooden framed windows showing signs of decay to ensure no further damage can be caused to your home. If you have any windows not opening or closing in your home call us for a FREE quote.

Repair or Replace? REPLACE

WARNING SIGN #2 You can’t see through them properly

If your windows are functioning correctly, but they’re getting a little foggy and you can’t see through them, this is a warning sign there may be condensation within the glass and it’s time to replace it.

Condensation can be the sign of a healthy window when it’s on the outside of the glass, because it demonstrates the windows ability to keep the room temperature stable within your home. This could be keeping inside cool when it’s hot outside, or keeping the inside warm when it’s cold outside. Condensation only becomes a warning for repairs when it builds up within the glass itself.

The build up of moisture within glass panels is where structural problems can arise. Moisture within the glass can cause seal failure, and reduce the window’s ability to insulate your home. This means that you could begin to feel the outside temperature creep in through the cracked seal, or see your energy bills rise as your air conditioning units work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

If you find your windows to be foggy, and you think you might need to get them replaced or repaired, make sure you contact your local glazier.

If you’re in the Hunter, Maitland or Newcastle area, the team here at Dee Glass is happy to help, just make a note of the following details for when you give us a call.

  • How many windows?
  • What types of windows are they?
  • What are the sizes of the windows?
  • Are they single or double glazed?
  • Is the removal of damaged windows necessary?
  • Is there wood decay or water damage?

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WARNING SIGN #3 Your energy bills are going up

The final warning sign that you may need to replace or repair your home windows is within your energy bills. If your energy bills are going up, it may be that your air conditioning or heating units are being overworked due to faulty windows.

Here’s what to do to check if your windows are the cause of your high energy bills:

  • Hold a candle or a lighter up next to your window, does the flame flicker? If so, this is a sign that there is a draft coming through the window from outside. This could be from seal failure due to condensation, or wood decay from moisture damage. Alternatively, they could just be older windows that are starting to deteriorate.
  • Touch the glass on a cold day, when the heater is on. Does the glass feel cold to touch? If so, that means the warm are from the heater is being cooled by the window far before it reaches the glass, rendering it useless for warming your home.

Repair or Replace? REPLACE

If you find that your windows need replacing, choosing energy-efficient glass can play a key part in increasing the overall value of your home. If managed properly, you can reduce energy bills, control the natural light and if you’re lucky enough to live on the coast of Newcastle, you can use new windows to bring some incredible views of the coastline right into your living room.

Apart from the 3 warning signs, when it comes to window repair and replacement, you should also consider:

How many years do windows usually last?
When it comes to durability, most windows last around 10-15 years. You will notice that at the 15-25 year mark, you will need more regular repairs or full window replacements.

Depending on the type, size and style of window this can vary greatly, with some windows lasting up to 50 years, and some getting wood rot in the first five. Vinyl windows are very durable, lasting over 20 years on average, however if you live on the coast, your windows may age faster due to coastal winds and moisture content.

What does it cost to replace windows?
Unfortunately, there really is no standard cost that we can quote, regardless of the number of these jobs we have completed.

The cost of replacing home windows will vary based on whether it’s a structural issue or an aesthetic change as this will influence the decision to perform repairs or full, expert replacement. The final price is always entirely dependent upon the problem, at Dee Glass our Replacement and repairs starts at $105, but custom projects can reach thousands.

If you need assistance with any glass replacement, glass repair, or emergency glass repair services in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley or Maitland Region, please get in touch with the team at Dee Glass.