What you Need to Know Before Choosing Shower Screen Glass

Frameless Hydro Slider with Return

Bathroom renovation projects are becoming increasingly popular. In fact many homeowners in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley regions are adding extra value to their property by renovating their bathroom. Updating shower screens can be a very cost effective and simple way to do this, so we are often asked about what types of shower screens […]

How to Know if you Need Your Windows Replaced

Window screens from the inside of a bedroom

At Dee Glass, we’ve got 25 years of experience helping customers repair and replace troublesome glass windows. Our 24/7 window replacement and Emergency Glass Repair services have shown us thousands of window replacement problems, so now we know when to choose DIY repairs and save money, and when to replace the windows to ensure no […]

Emergency Glass Repair: Types of Glass and Why they Break

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Glass fittings have become a popular choice for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Besides being used in windows and doors, glass is beginning to more commonly appear in furniture pieces, artistic wall hangings, and even in walls themselves. Dividing rooms and spaces with glass can give a more open and spacious feel to any […]